6 Wonderful Mamas That Came To The Rescue


As a mom we come to our kids rescue a lot. Whether our little adventurer's are lagging behind on a walk, get stuck up in the high part of a playground or we have to protect them from real danger and release our inner mama bear, we are right there for them. We love them and part of being their mama is to protect and help them out when needed. As, you will see in the videos below many animal mama's feel the same way and experience the same type of moments. 

1. A mother moose and her calf are out for swim, when suddenly the calf can no longer make it and mama has to come to the rescue. 

2. This little kitten is happy just sitting on her comfy blanket, that is until the family chihuahua shows up and starts making trouble for her. 


3. This cheetah is sure he has got a kill, but mama arrives on the scene just in time! 




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