Big Hearted 6 Year Old Delaney Has A Passion For Nature And People


Delaney Cullen's parents say she had always been an Earth angel. She always chose to be outdoors rather than in the house watching T.V. or playing with toys. She learned many of her basic skills such as counting, shapes, and colors by observing plants and nature all around her. 

This was very exciting for Delaney's dad, who had a background in Environmental Education. Delaney was an inquisitive child and at a young age began asking lots of questions about how plants grow and the different characteristics of animals. Delaney was full of curiosity and wonder about the world around her! 


She soon could name more flowers and other plants than most of us. She became very interested in how and what different plants could be used for. She asked more and more questions as her love of the outdoors grew, she wanted to share it with others.

She helped out with many volunteer projects with the Grow Food Where People Live Initiative. A program that goes into low-income communities and helps to educate people and help them to build gardens. It was then that Delaney saw that some people do not have enough food. 


Delaney decided when she was five years old that she wanted to do something to inspire others to get out and reconnect with nature. What better way than to combine two of her favorite things, her local library, and a garden. Of course, her parents thought their daughter had a truly lovely idea! 

Delaney had a BIG dream! A dream of planting a garden alongside their library. The garden would not only promote literacy but also bring food in for animals and edible plants that people could munch on while enjoying a good read and the beauty of nature. "We can just make a garden that we can read in and watch animals and we can feed people too!"-Delaney Cullen


With the help of mom and dad, Delaney applied for a grant through The Pollination Project. Delaney was awarded a $1,000 Seed The Change grant. This made her the youngest grant recipient through The Pollination Project in the world! 

Delaney dreams of a garden with pathways and tunnels. A place that will be FUN for kids and grown-ups alike! She hopes her garden is filled with birds, bees, and butterflies. One of my favorite ideas that she has, is to have gnomes around the garden for people to play hide and seek with! Watch her video below to hear this little girl with a BIG heart explain her dream to inspire others!  

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