7 Year Old Boxer Gets Booted From Her Favorite Lounging Spot And Her Persuasive Rebuttal Is Absolutely Adorable


One of my favorite things to do is get new furniture; I love going to the store to pick out a new living room or bedroom set, getting it home, and setting it up. It completely changes the feel of a room. There’s nothing better than working so hard to get everything organized as when you finally can plop down on your new couch afterward and enjoy the comfort of your new furniture.

After months or reorganizing her living space, Cathy had finally put the final touches on her new living space. She only had one thing left to do- the celebratory plop on the couch. As she did, she looks around pleased with her selections and entirely relaxed. But there was one special someone who didn’t quite have the same satisfaction as Cathy.


Bella, Cathy’s dog, anxiously awaited for her invitation to the join Cathy on the couch. Cathy noticed Bella’s confused look and then realized what her cuddly pup was waiting for.

Cathy explains that this new couch is not for dogs and Bella was- as expected- utterly confused. After all, Bella had been lounging on the old couch for the past 7 years!


Bella, the dog that had taken complete ownership of the last couch, looked at Cathy like she was the confused one, “I know she’s not talking to me! The couch is for dogs... The couch is my doggy bed and I should’ve been breaking that thing in hours ago!” Bella was puzzled and very boisterous to say the very least.

Naturally, Boxer dogs are loungers. While they can play hard, they really enjoy lounging around during the days and sleeping at night. Bella wasn't any different; she knew that for the last 7 years, the sofa was her place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view of the 65-inch television. 

Cathy admits that while she knew Bella loved the lounging on the couch, she never expected her to genuinely be saddened or taken back in anyway by the new house rules. Bella, however, felt like something was taken from her, and she wasn't about to let her throne sofa get taken away without an argument. 

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