Abandoned At Birth Because Of A Unique Disorder. Now He Is A Symbol Positivity For People All Over The World [VIDEO]


Facebook| Jono Lancaster

When Jono Lancaster was born, no one could deny that there was something different about him. Jono's cheek bones had not developed properly in the womb which caused his eyes to droop. His mother was shocked by his appearance and did not feel a connection with her newborn son. Because of this, she gave him up for adoption at just 36 hours old.  


Facebook| Jono Lancaster

The reason for Jono's abnormality was a condition known as "Treacher Collins Syndrome." This genetic disorder not only affected the way bones developed in the womb but also affected the hearing, sight, and breathing of an individual. Jono had no control over what the disorder did to him, but he was still left alone by his biological parents.


Facebook| Jono Lancaster

Jono spent two weeks in the hospital with no parent or guardian to care for him. Thankfully, a woman named Jean Lancaster was willing to see Jono for who he was, rather than simply seeing what he looked like. Jean started as Jono's foster mom, but eventually grew to love him so much that she adopted him! Jono received a new home and mother, which set him on a course to change the world.


Facebook| Jono Lancaster



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