Abandoned Blind Dog Gets A Second Chance At Life And Finally Knows What It Feels Like To Be Loved [VIDEO]


One day on a lonely street, people noticed a dog living in a trash pile on the side of the road. The dog had obviously been abandoned, but no one could figure out why he had not moved from the trash pile. Rescuers were called to see if they could help. When they arrived on the scene they realized the heartbreaking truth about the poor dog. 


He was blind and therefore had little to no chance of leaving his pile of trash safely. The rescuers knew they had to work quickly to help the dog. Because of his blindness, the rescuers moved in very slowly, so as not to startle him. Once they were close enough to put their hands on him, they offered him food in order to gain his trust. 


From there they were able to carry him to a nearby van and transport him to a shelter where he could get the help he needed.The poor pup was sick and starving so the rescuers wanted to get him to a safe place as soon as possible. Once the dog was fed and able to rest, his road to recovery began.




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