Abused Bull Had Been Chained Up His Entire Life. What Happens When They Finally Set Him Free Is Amazing


It's completely awful to have lived your entire life locked up and chained. For Bandit, the bull, that was the life he lived. He had never known freedom but that all changed when one man set him free. Gut Aiderbichi is an animal activist organization that is determined to make a difference in the lives of these animals. One of their volunteers named Christian heard about Bandits situation and knew he needed to help and he didn't waste any time. It's an emotional thing to watch so be prepared to see something amazing. 


When Christian arrived at the farm where Bandit lived, he found Bandit confined to a stable. He started to pet Bandit through the bars. Bandit probably had never experienced a loving touch and becomes overcome with emotion and falls down to his front knees. Christian then removed the chains from his feet and unhook the chain holding him in place and sets Bandit FREE. 


Finally, free from his years of prison, Bandit begins to jump, roll, run and play like a toddler. He is happy and you can tell. He is dancing for freedom! Animals were created to run and play and to be free, not confined to a cage. We are so happy for Bandit and his new found freedom. Watch the video below but be warned it's emotional to watch.

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