When a family dog went out to the backyard one afternoon, he found something strange waiting for him there. A little squirrel was wandering around the yard. The squirrel had lost its mother and was frightened and confused. The dog took pity on the little squirrel and brought it inside for the family to see. 


Once the squirrel was inside, the family was able to see that it was partially blind, which is why it had gotten lost. Everyone decided that the little squirrel needed a new family and they adopted it.


The squirrel not only gained a new home but also a bunch of furry siblings to play with. The squirrel quickly decided it was the boss of the house and was quick to let the other animals know it. Because it was partially blind, the squirrel could never return to the wild safely. That hasn't seemed to bother him one bit. 

WATCH the video below to see this tiny squirrel with his new family! 


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