After 8 Months Apart A Boy And His Dog Are Reunited. This Is Heartwarming [VIDEO]


When I was a little girl I had a very special connection with my neighbor's dog, a German Shepherd named Daisy. Daisy lived 2 houses down on the opposite side of the street. My family did not have a dog and so I kinda adopted her as my own, and I like to think she adopted me.

She was the dog I always wanted, and her owners didn't seem to mind my 7-year-old self-stopping by at all hours of the day to see my best friend. I remember one particular day, my cousins were in town and Daisy came out to play with us. We were playing Kings and Queens so I decided to make her my horse. So we tied a rope to her and attached it to my Red wagon and had her pull me around the neighborhood as all the neighbor kids bowed to their queen. One summer the family went on a road trip and were gone for 3 months. I remember the day they came home I couldn't wait to see her, as soon as they pulled in the drive I ran over to see my 'best friend' and she ran up and jumped on me. She had missed me as mush as I had missed her!


All that to say, I LOVED this dog as if she were my own and I would've done anything for her as I believe she would've for me. So I can relate to this story below, though Daisy was never missing,  I did have that summer where I didn't see her and our reunion was sweet. In the video below you'll see a boy reunite with his best bud, his dog.


Watch the video below of the most heartfelt reunion. 

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