After A Spinal Cord Injury This Dog's Back Legs Were Paralyzed. His Foster Family Stopped At Nothing To Help Him Walk Again


Ever since I was very young, I have always loved dogs. I had a few dogs growing up and loved each of them fiercely. When I was younger, however, I did not understand that some dogs were mistreated and abandoned. I did not understand that the dogs we had were actually rescued dogs from a shelter. They had been neglected or left behind and we were their new family. Ever since I learned this, I believed that every dog deserved a forever home. The dog in this story was dealt a very difficult life, but he would not stop until he got the life he deserved.

 When Winston was brought to an animal shelter, he was in bad shape. Due to a spinal cord injury, Winston had lost complete use of his back legs. It was unknown how Winston had received his injury when he was brought in. Despite his injury, Winston was a very happy dog, anxious to interact with anyone and everyone he met.

Winston was soon pulled from the shelter and sent to live with a loving foster family. The family fell in love with Winston more and more with each passing day and decided they wanted to help him walk again. While some thought it was impossible, the family was determined that their lovable Winston would walk again, no matter how the circumstances looked. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY... [VIDEO]

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