After Finding A Feral Kitten, This Dog Became The Best Adoptive Big Sister Anyone Could Ask For.


When I was growing up, I just assumed that dogs and cats hated each other. Any movie I watched or book I read, showed that cats and dogs were not on the same side, ever. We had a dog and two cats when I was younger, and although they lived together, they didn't seem to want to be around each other much. The dog in this story breaks every stereotype in the book when she becomes best friends with her new kitty brother.

When Mamiao's family brought home a little kitten one afternoon, they weren't sure how she would respond. The kitten had been found feral and had a severely injured tale. The family put the kitten down close enough for Mamiao to inspect it. Mamiao took one sniff of the new kitten and instantly fell in love.

The family named the kitten Honey, and before long, the new family member was following Mamiao every she went. Honey loved his new doggie sister so much that he was even caught trying to nurse at her side. Honey quickly learned how to play fight with his big sister, as well as explore the house and of course, relax together when they were tired. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY... [VIDEO]

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