After Losing All Her Feathers, This Naked Bird Never Thought She Would Be Loved Again. But, The World Proved Her Wrong [VIDEO]


Rhea, the naked bird, was dealt a rough start in life. When she was just a baby she got a viral infection that made her lose every single one of her feathers. To make matters worse, Rhea lost her home soon after losing her feathers. Naked and alone, Rhea didn't have much hope left. 

Little did Rhea know that the sun was about to shine on her gloomy circumstance and a brand new life awaited her! Rhea received a fantastic new mother, and for the first time in a long time, Rhea was happy enough to start singing, and she hasn't stopped singing ever since. 


Loneliness forgotten, Rhea began to find new things she liked to do, like sitting on her mom's shoulder and hiding in special "caves" her mom made for her. And because of the love Rhea had been shown, she became social with everyone she came in contact with.  


Rhea's feathers were taken away forever, but that hasn't stopped her from enjoying her life to the fullest. When news about Rhea's story, and the new life she had been given, started circulating, people from all over the world rallied together to give Rhea a surprise she would never forget. 




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