After Nursing Kitten Back To Health, Shelter Volunteer Realizes He Can Never Say Goodbye To Her [VIDEO]


When I was growing up, my older brother worked in an animal shelter. He would always come home with the biggest smile on his face because he got to help so many animals. One day he decided to take me to the shelter so I could see what kind of work he did and, also, hang out with the cute animals. From the moment I stepped into the shelter, I was hooked! I wanted to take every single animal home. The man in this story may love animals a little more than I did because he actually did take an animal home!


John Tella volunteered at an animal shelter in Salt Lake City, UT, called Best Friends Animal Society. BFAS was dedicated to helping animals in need. John volunteered his time in a very special part of the shelter. The kitten nursery. John loved everything about his job and the kittens he cared always looked forward to when he arrived.


John met so many cats while he volunteered at the shelter, it was hard to keep track of them all. One kitten, however, caught his eye above all the others. The kitten's name was Jackie and John fell in love with her. When Jackie was brought in, she was very sick and needed a lot of care. John helped nurse her back to health. Because of the bond John formed with Jackie, he decided he just couldn't say goodbye to her. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY... [VIDEO]



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After Nursing Kitten Back To Health, Shelter Volunteer Realizes He Can Never Say Goodbye To Her [VIDEO]
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