Antelope Encounters Face To Face With Enormous Crocodile.  This Jaw Dropping, Explosive, Acrobatic Escape Will Leave You Stunned!


Like Jane Hagar said, "The more attention you pay to your surroundings, the safer you are going to be.” This antelope experienced this first hand as she was enjoying a peaceful drink from a nearby watering hole.  Glancing left and right she is constantly looking for any sort of movement or unusual activity.


When all seems safe the antelope goes down for one last drink of water and in a split second, something lurking in the water catches the antelope’s eye directly in front.  Is it in her mind or is something really out there?  This is a moment where the timing of this encounter is everything.


The hungry crocodile explodes out of the water causing the antelope to fly backwards through the air in an acrobatic movement, landing safely on her side, but still in harm's way.  With no chance to waste this antelope scampers to her feet running as fast as her legs will carry her and away from the jaws of this predator. Quickly and safely she is able to leave the scene and live to drink another drink!

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