Baby Bear Emerged From The Woods With His Head Stuck In A Bucket. Good Samaritans Stopped At Nothing To Make Sure He Was Set Free


When you are out in the country, there is no shortage of amazing things to see. Mountains, lakes, and incredible wildlife are but a few of the incredible things you can witness when you decide to get out of your town or city and pursue the peace and quiet that only the outdoors can bring you. When I was very young, my grandfather would take trips to Alaska every year. He would come back with amazing stories and photos to share.

One thing he would always see at the place where he stayed, was bears. Families of bears would just walk through his yard in the mornings, and he always marveled at the amazing creatures. The little bear in this story happened to walk through a backyard himself. He was in need of help, however, and luckily the right people saw him!


One day, while enjoying the countryside, some friends noticed something coming out of the woods near them. As they looked closer they realized it was a small baby bear. The friends were excited at the chance to see a bear cub up close so they waited, not wanting to scare the little cub.

As the bear got closer, however, the friends noticed that there was something wrong. The little cub was weaving this way and that, seemingly unable to walk in a straight line. The friends were concerned, so they approached the little cub, cautiously.


When the friends got close enough, they realized that the little bear had gotten his entire head stuck inside of a small bucket. The friends watched as the little bear desperately tried to free himself from his predicament but had no success. One of the men in the group decided to try and help the small bear.


He approached the cub and attempted to pull the bucket off, but the bucket was on too tight and the bear pulled away and jumped a fence. The little bear was headed for a highway road, so the group of friends ran after him to help. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...[VIDEO]

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