Baby Begins Laughing While Playing With His Dad. Parents are Stunned When They Hear What His Laugh Sounds Like


Babies bring such a raw, genuine happiness to everyday life. Their little grins, coos, and wide-eyed wonderment are something to marvel at, that's for certain.

My favorite (and probably everyone else's favorite) characteristic of a little one is his/her giggle. Oh, that one sweet laugh can brighten any moment and turn a frown upside down instantaneously.


Hearing that little baby giggle makes any hardened heart instantly soften. There are, on occasion, times when you come across a baby's laugh that will stop you in your tracks.

Some babies have laughs that sound SO unique you can't help but listen to it over and over and over.


This little chunk is one of those babies! He's spending the evening playing with his father. He thinks his dad really is a hoot and begins laughing his head off at his daddy's funny antics.

The second his parents hear just what his laugh sounds like, they are in complete shock! Check out the video on the following page to hear what it sounds like.


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