Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder. Some Would Say Ugly But We Say Beautiful. Meet Rosie...


Meet Rosie. This poor girl barely looks like a dog. When you first look at Rosie's furless - pinkish skin, long snout, a misaligned jaw, and teeth, with severely disabled legs... I'm sure you were in disbelief she was even a dog.  It's startling, even a bit disturbing, you may question like me if she is even real. 


But as we came to find out, Rosie is very real, a product of backyard breeding and animal hoarding. Rosie's story will break your heart but also give you hope. Rosie was one of 20 dogs pulled by rescuers from a house in Woodland Hills, California but she is by far the worst of the group. All the puppies rescued were some form of sibling or half-sibling to Rosie.


After being rescued, Rosie was taken to her rescuers home, Cinnamon Muhlbauer who said,“She is an absolutely gorgeous girl who just needs a little TLC. Well, maybe a lot of TLC," she told Click "NEXT PAGE" to read more and to watch the videos of Rosie...

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