Beginners Guide To Getting Fit. Youtube's Fitness Guru, Whitney Simmons Gives Her 5 Tips To Getting Fit With Whit


I recently found Whitney Simmons youtube channel and I'm... O B S E S S E D. She is absolutely adorable and she makes working out fun! I watch her video's all the time to get new ideas for workouts. Here is an amazing video for those of you who are starting your fitness journey or restarting your fitness journey (which was where I was at) or if you just need some inspiration. Here are Whit's tips to getting fit:

1.) Track your progress- find out your stats. If you can, purchase the body analyzer. Whitney recommends getting on the scale once a month. Also, take Progress Photos and check them every 4 weeks. This will keep you motivated.

2.) Set a GOAL- Whitney says she likes to set small to medium size goals. Like, cut out soda or workout 3 times a week. Once you've set your goal, work towards that goal.

3.) Plan ahead and meal prep- You'll save money and you'll eat clean. Do not starve yourself, FOOD IS FUEL. 80% of what you do is in the kitchen and 20% is in the gym.


4.) Count your Macros- What are macros? Protein, carbs and fat. It's all the stuff in food that you are intaking and you need to be calculating. To do that she uses her favorite little App, My Fitness Pal.

5.) Create a workout plan- There are so many ways to get fit. What works for one may not work for another. So find what works for you and stick to it. I know some people who hate going to the gym, while others love it. Whatever it is that you find works for you, do it! Watch the video below to hear what Whitney has to say:

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