Mama Squirrel Attempts to Save Her Tiny Babies from Frightful, Certain Death [Video]


Before my wife and I became parents, we had three little squirrels in our neighborhood that we called our children. We would leave nuts and fruit out for them to eat and get a kick out of watching their ridiculous antics. They would chase each other up and down trees and have squeaky little arguments with each other. While we playfully considered them our children, this mama squirrel had three very real children in need of rescuing.


One day landscapers were clearing cumbersome palm tree branches away in a residential area. Everything was going fine until they noticed a squirrel behaving oddly. The squirrel seemed to be in distress but the workers could not figure out why. Then one of the workers realized what had happened.


Near the house where they were working was a large nest. One of the workers had knocked it down while cutting branches away from one of the trees. The workers soon realized that there were 3 newborn squirrels in the nest. Now they knew why the mama squirrel was so worried. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY... [VIDEO]




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