BREAKING NEWS: AMBER Alert Has Been Issued For Two Idaho Sisters - 6 & 7 Years Old


An AMBER Alert has just been issued for two young children considered be in great danger. PLEASE keep an eye out for these two little girls. Check the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children for more information.

According to the Idaho Statesman, 7-year-old Madison Dundon and 6-year-old Jaylynn Dundon of Idaho have been reported missing.

The suspect is their father, 29-year-old Joshua Dundon, who has joint custody of the girls but has not returned them. Police found Joshua’s truck burned on May 11 in Eureka County, Nev. The truck appeared to be burned intentionally and several used ammunition casings were found with it. Joshua has a history of using illicit drugs and making suicidal statements. Be alarmed, the suspect may be armed and dangerous. Police have also advised the public to look for a yellow pit bull that could be with them. The girls were last seen at an elementary school in Idaho, but Joshua told witnesses he was going to take them camping nearby. Here is the information we know as of now...



Madison Ann Dundon's description: 7-year-old - Female - White - Blonde hair - 4 Feet tall - 40 pounds. She has pierced ears.

Jaylynn Dawn Dundon's description: 6-year-old - Female - White - Brown hair - Brown eyes - 3 feet 6 inches tall - 35 pounds. She has a scar over the left eye and pierced ears.



Joshua Bradley Dundon description: 29-year-old - Male - White - 6 feet tall - 150 pounds

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