Cat Kept Waking Owner Up, Days Later Owner Is Shocked By Smart Cat's Response To Being Locked Out


We all know that cats have an innate desire for attention. Personal space does not seem to be something that they understand at all. This can be great when you come home from work and you need some snuggle time but it can also be somewhat of a problem when you want some time to yourself to do things like sleep. The owner of the cat in this story thought he had outsmarted his feline companion until the cat proved to be too smart for its own good.


Kristian Svenson was the human companion of a cat named Mulder. Mulder loved Kristian and Kristian loved spending time playing with Mulder. Kristian, however, needed some alone time once in a while which Mulder was unwilling to give him. Whenever Kristian would go to bed, he would shut his door, only to have it opened seconds later by Mulder. The cat had learned how to jump up and open with the handle. Kristian wasn't getting much sleep so he decided he had to stop his cat from opening the door.


So, one night, Kristian set up a large tub of water outside his door. He set up a camera to see if his new plan of thwarting his cat would work. Cats hated water, right!? Mulder approached the door and immediately noticed the water trap in front of it. Kristian thought he had finally won but Mulder, with sudden agility, jumped over the bucket and latched onto the handle. Opening the door, the cat went in to find his human and Kristian, chuckling to himself, would have to go back to the drawing board another day. Watch the video below to see the wise feline!

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