Couple Walking In The Woods Noticed A Baby Fox Behaving Strangely. When They Saw His Head They Knew They Had To Do Something


If you have ever gone on a hike in the woods, you probably expected to see certain things like picturesque trees and birds. There probably was lots of woodland wildlife like deer, chipmunks, and foxes as well. The couple in this story did indeed see a baby fox, but there seemed to be something wrong.

While out on a hike one afternoon, a married couple saw something small moving around on the ground ahead of them. The couple assumed it was a small animal so they slowed their pace down a bit and crept towards it. When they got close enough, the couple could see that it was indeed an animal. A baby fox to be precise.


The little fox was weaving this way and that way on the path, unable to walk in a straight line. The couple was concerned about the disoriented little fox so they tried getting closer to see what was wrong. Then they realized that the little fox's head looked rather odd. That was because he had it completely stuck in a tin can.

The little fox was obviously having very little success trying to free himself from his predicament, so the couple knew they had to help. Luckily, the couple knew of two people that would be able to aid the little fox. With one phone call, Simon, an animal relief worker, showed up with his friend, Lucy, to remedy the situation.


The little fox was still frightened so he darted away but, after a little bit of a chase, Lucy was able to catch the cub and bring him to the side of a road where Simon could work on him. Simon got an animal carrier ready and talked soothingly to the little fox to try and calm him down. Once the carrier was ready, Simon got to work on setting the fox free.

Simon held the fox by the scruff of the neck, so as to immobilize him as best he could. Then, very carefully, Simon pulled on the can and wiggled it back and forth. The can started moving slightly and some of the fox's head came free but once it got to a certain point, the can would not move anymore. Simon did not want to hurt the fox so he stopped pulling and held him still.


Simon and Lucy were professionals but they weren't sure what else to do. They wanted to get the can off and release the cub back into the woods as soon as possible but did not want to injure him in the process. Before they gave up, Simon had one more trick up his sleeve. The video on the next page shows the rescue attempt and the adorable fox. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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