Desperate Baby Kitten Stuck In Storm Drain. When Father and Daughter Climb Inside You Won’t Believe How The Kitten Reacts.


Scared, trapped and lost, this baby kitten is stuck in a storm drain, a dark dungeon with no way out.  Fortunately, a father and daughter hear the tiny kittens cry and desperate plea for help.  Immediately they jumped into a plan of action with the heroic goal of successfully rescuing this kitten.  Knowing that storm drains are usually a combination of stormwater and sewage, they realize this rescue is going to require some intentional planning.  They suit up in the appropriate gear, protecting themselves as much as possible from the unknown filth that awaits inside.


Rescuers climb down the drain to the terrified kitten.  Who knows how long he's been living down there in such grime.  Through the trash and the muck, the father and daughter lower a small cage and lure the hungry kitten with yummy food.  Once they successfully capture the tiny kitten, they shut the cage door and immediately lift the cage out of the darkness and into the light.  


Still frantic, the kitten runs back and forth inside the small cage.  The lonely life that he had once known is now surrounded by the unfamiliarity of the sunshine and loving humans.  It’s at this point that the rescuers reach into the cage and gently hold the scared little kitten.  Instantly the kitten's demeanor changes from a state of panic to peace, calmness, and embrace.  All fears once had are now lost, and a new chapter has begun!  Watch the full rescue and embrace below.


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