Do You Remember What This Vintage Object Is?



If you were a youngster prior to the 1970s, there's a good chance you'll guess this pretty quick. If you were born after the fact, you might have a completely different guess.

Things made prior to your existence sometimes can seem pretty foreign if you've never been around something like this before. It's incredible to see how life evolves within a several year span of time.



If you're anything like me, your first assumption would be a vintage bottle opener or some sort of wrench. Sadly, that's incorrect. Up until recently, I had never heard of this before and the more I read into it, the more fascinatedĀ I became.

Back in the day, roller skating was all the rage for young adults. The skates that were used were vastly different from the ones you're familiar with seeing.


Unlike the ones we use now, these metal skates had to be strapped onto your shoes. It was up to you to make sure that the metal was securely strapped onto your foot to prevent you from having a total wipeout. How do you keep these skates securely in place?


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