Dog In Wheelchair My Have Lost The Use Of Her Legs, But She Hasn't Lost Her Sense Of Adventure [VIDEO]


I grew up in a very small town, so I constantly had to find ways to keep myself entertained. My friends, luckily, lived on a large orchard, so we were able to spend hours exploring and running around. Whenever we went out to explore, we would always take my friend's dog with us. That dog loved to play and run, probably more than we did. The dog in this story loves to have adventures too, despite being in a wheelchair.


Jessie, the dog, always loved going out and having adventures. Whether it was going to the lake or playing games in the park, Jessie was always looking for a new adventure. One day, while having a blast at the park, Jessie ran into tragedy.


Jessie and her owner were at the park one afternoon and decided to play fetch. Jessie's human companion found a large stick and gave it a toss. Jessie took off after the stick, but while she was running, she injured her spine. Her spinal injury caused Jessie to lose the use of her back legs. Rather than give up, Jessie and her human companion decided to fight through the injury. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY... [VIDEO]




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