Dog Really Wants To Eat His Owner's Yogurt But He's Too Polite To Ask. What He Does Instead Is Too Cute For Words!


Dogs are some of the most incredible animals on the planet. They have a way of loving you like no other animal and you can see in their eyes the enormous amount of love they have for you. They're one of life's grandest companions and trying to imagine the world without dogs is utterly impossible!

Not only are they brilliant creatures but they're also incredibly compassionate, possessing the ability to sense even the slightest change in our mood. They comfort us when we're low and make us exceedingly joyful the rest of the time.


It's no surprise why they are considered man's best friend. From the moment they meet you, they instantly claim you as their own. They will always have your back no matter what and they will surely love you for their entire lives. What more could you ask for in a furry companion?

They love to share their treasures with you (most of the time!) and expect you to do the same in return. I mean, that's what friends do, right? Well, that's definitely what this cute little pup in the video thinks!


As his owner is devouring some delicious yogurt, he can't help but longingly stare. You can tell he's interested in just a bit of that sweet treat but he's far too polite to make that known.

What he does instead is cuter than words. He sure does know how to mind his manners!

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