Cheesecake The Doting Capybara Fosters Whole Litters Of Abandoned Puppies


When you clicked on this story did you know what a capybara was? Let me give you a little information about them. A capybara is a large semi-aquatic rodent, actually, it is the largest rodent in the world! Talk about rodents of unusual size! They come from Central and South America and look much like a cross between a beaver and a guinea pig. 


Cheesecake the Capybara lives at Rocky Ridge Refuge in Arkansas. She is known as Auntie Cheesecake to most and here she is reading about herself in a children's book! 


Janice Wolf, the founder of the refuge, needed a smaller pen to put a litter of puppies in once they were too large to be in the house. Her capybara Cheesecake was residing in the small pen that she needed, but knowing that Cheesecake was social with many of the other animals she decided to give it a try. 



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