Drones Captured this Stunning Ocean Footage, It Will Take Your Breath Away!


If you’re not lucky enough to live near the ocean, odds are that you will not have the opportunity to come see a whale or dolphin in their natural habitat. Even if you do live near the shore, they are not seen all the time thanks to the vastness of the area they can wander through.


Drones are amazing pieces of technology, and thanks to them we are able to see more than we would have ever been able to see. Drone Pilots are able to capture amazing footage, and one pilot has been blessed enough to capture some astounding footage - from a mega pod of common dolphins to a humpback whale and young calf.


This footage is absolutely astounding and is some of the first footage of blue whales ever recorded with a drone. Whales are truly one of the gentle giants of the sea, and their numbers are dropping which only makes this footage even more rare.


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