Dubious Guillemot Chick Takes Heart Pounding Leap From 400 Ft Cliff


The Common guillemot, also known as the Common murre, is a small seabird that can commonly be found living in the British Isles. These cute little birds have some interesting ways in which they raise their young.

In the springtime the birds gather in large, tightly packed breeding colonies called loomeries that are located high on rocky cliffs above the sea. 


 The mother guillemot lays her single egg on the very edge of the cliff. Even though this may seem like quite a risky move, amazingly it is not. The guillemots conical egg is shaped in such a way that it does not teeter off the steep cliff. 



At just 3 weeks old the guillemot chick, which is called a jumpling, must take a leap of faith off his cliff home and down into the waters that lay below. 


Click NEXT PAGE to see the rest of the story and watch the unsure jumpling make his way into the water. 

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