Elderly Woman Hears A Bush Howling In Her Yard And Immediately Calls For Help [VIDEO]


cute_oldwoman.jpgIt was a typical sunny Arizona day. 85-year-old Gwen Maxwell was busy around the house when she noticed something peculiar outside her window. She peered closer and discovered a small, furry animal, that looked to be a dog, completely covered in spiky cactus clusters.


Upon further investigation, she realized that this furry little creature was not a dog but a coyote pup. The little pup was howling loudly and rolling around on the ground in horrible pain.Knowing that something had to be done, Maxwell immediately grabbed the phone and called a neighbor over to help.

Shortly after, maintenance workers from a nearby golf course arrived at her home, prepared to help the poor little creature.


Using a set of pliers, the workers gently cut the cacti clusters loose from the helpless animal.

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