Ever Wonder What Your Cat Does When You're Away? This HYSTERICAL Video Gives Us A Glimpse Into The Secret Life of Cats And We Can't Stop Watching!


Cats are some of the most peculiar, weirdly-wonderful creatures on the planet. One minute, they want to snuggle up beside you and make you feel like they love you more than ever. With the flip of a switch, or so it seems, they look at you as if you're their mortal enemy and want nothing to do with you at all.

They always tend to leave us questioning everything! There's no other animal on the planet quite like our feline companions and that's exactly what makes us love them so dearly. Life really would be dull without them.


One of the most intriguing things about cats is the fact that we never can quite figure out what's going on inside their mind. Their mannerisms and facial expressions are incredibly hard to read.

If you can see through their poker face, you just might be able to get a hint as to what mood they're in, but it might not always be an accurate assumption. It's just a risk we run daily with our precious pets.


Because of their amazing peculiar personalities, it's enough to make anyone wonder what they do when their humans aren't around. Do they just chill lazily around the house all day or do they have something up their sleeve that we know nothing about?

Well if this is something that has crossed your mind at one point or another, then you're in luck. We've come across a video that not only will give you a glimpse into the secret life of cats but will also make you chuckle out loud! You can thank us later. ;)

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