Exhausted Baby Elephant Collapsed In Road, Seconds Later She Received Help That Took Everyone's Breath Away


Elephants have always fascinated me. Their sheer size is enough to make most people stop and stare. The very fact that elephants are some of the most social creatures on the planet melts the hearts of people all over the world. Much like humans, elephants thrive best when they are surrounded by a community. When people saw this herd of elephants trying to cross the road, they noticed one young calf wasn't going to make it across but help wasn't far behind.


One day, traffic came to a screeching halt on a road in Kruger National Park. The reason for the traffic jam was for the simple reason that cars were giving a herd of elephants plenty of room as they crossed the road. One small calf was out in front but people noticed that the little elephant looked exhausted and sure enough, moments later, she collapsed in the middle of the road. People weren't sure what to do for the little elephant but soon they saw that plenty of help was near by.


Not only did the entire herd of elephants stop in the middle of the road to make sure the little calf was alright, the little elephant's mother and sibling refused to leave her side until she was strong enough to stand up on her own. Finally, the little calf found her strength and walked to the other side of the road with her family. The people watching were amazed at the once in a lifetime sight they had just witnessed and were humbled to see such a beautiful act of love and kindness demonstrated by the animal kingdom. Watch the incredible video below!

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