Family Posts A Sign Explaining Why Their Dog Is On The Roof And It Has Become An Overnight Sensation


Meet Huckleberry, one of the most adorable, happy, and adventurous Golden Retrievers around! He enjoys spending his days hanging out with his humans and roaming around in the great outdoors. He has many hobbies, as most dogs do, but his favorite one is incredibly peculiar.

He LOVES to get on the roof of the house! I don't know about you, but the only animals I've ever seen wandering around rooftops are birds, squirrels, and cats on occasion. Never have I once seen a dog, especially one this large, hanging out on a roof.


Bored Panda

The owners are well aware of Huck's unusual tendencies but were completely caught off-guard when they first saw their pooch in his new hangout.

Once they discovered how he got onto the roof, they were even more astonished. Apparently, Huck would find his way up to one of the bedrooms, climb out of the window and along a ledge. Then he would make his way up a pitched roof and jump down safely to the flat part of the roof.


Bored Panda

I don't know if this pooch is a total daredevil or just plain genius! Either way, he's drawn a lot of attention to himself with his insane antics. It has become such an issue that his owners had to post a sign on their door because every day they were having visitors ring their doorbell to let them know that their courageous canine was atop the house.


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