German Shepherd Puppy Born With Rare Dwarfism Won't Let Anything Stop Him From Living His Life To The Fullest [VIDEO]


When MikeyGus, the adorable german shepherd puppy, was born he looked like a normal pup, just like the rest of his litter. His parents, Spartacus and Temperance, were very proud of their pups and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary about MikeyGus. The dog's owners, Amy and Heath, however, noticed that MikeyGus was a bit clumsier than some of his kin and had difficulty getting around.  


When MikeyGus was 10 weeks old, the family called a vet to come take a look at him. The vet noticed some abnormalities in MikeyGus and at 16 weeks old, MikeyGus was diagnosed with dwarfism. Because of his condition, MikeyGus' growth was stunted dramatically which took away his ability to walk at 6 months old. 


Owners, Amy and Heath, were not about to give up on MikeyGus so easily and began to do everything they could to help him. With a lot of time, training and love, Amy and Heath were able to rehabilitate MikeyGus and he was able to walk again! 




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