Golden Retriever Puppy Is Utterly Confused When He Finds A Lemon. You Can't Help But Smile When You Watch Him!


Puppies have such a curious nature. No matter what they come across, their curiosity peaks and they desperately want to know all about it. Their little brow wrinkles, their ears perk, and their head tilts as they examine their new surroundings.

Did you know that more than five million puppies are born in the United States each year? Could you imagine having THAT many puppies around at once?! That's puppy heaven if you ask me!


This particular little pup is named Gunnar. He's an utterly adorable eight-week-old golden retriever and he is about as curious as they come! There's nothing that he doesn't want to inspect. Being only two months old, he hasn't had a great deal of time to check out the world around him.

He thoroughly enjoys spending his days sniffing around the house like a detective, trying to figure out what every little noise, smell, and shape is. It has to be the most precious sight ever!


Because of his curious nature, his owners like to introduce him to as many new things as possible. Today's exciting adventure is to inspect a lemon. Don't worry, it's completely harmless to cute little Gunnar but he isn't so quick to assume that!

Watch the video below to see how he reacts to seeing a lemon for the first time. I'm so glad they captured this on video because it guarantees a smile each time you watch it.

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Golden Retriever Puppy Is Utterly Confused When He Finds A Lemon. You Can't Help But Smile When You Watch Him!
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