Gorilla Brothers See Each Other For The First Time In Three Years, Within Moments People Were Stunned At Their Reaction


There are certain things that transcend the line between the animal kingdom and the human race. These things include such emotions as love, sadness, and joy. Animals are notorious for showing people what true emotion is when it comes to loving humans and other animals with immense intensity. Forming close bonds that we think are reserved for human best friends. When the two gorilla brothers in this story saw each other for the first time in three years, they showed the world what brotherly love really meant.


When Kesho and Alf were born, they thought they would spend every waking moment together. Having been born in the same zoo, four years apart, the brothers were, understandably, attached at the hip. Fate, however, stepped in and the two brothers were taken to different zoos, thus separating them from each other for three years. Workers at Longleaf Safari And Adventure Park, however, were determined to reunite the brothers. The only question was, would the brothers recognize each other after three years apart.


The day of the reunion arrived and people were extremely nervous. If the brothers did not recognize each other, the likelihood of a fight breaking out was high. All fears were laid to rest, however, the instant the gorilla brothers saw each other. They ran towards one another and embraced in a huge bear hug, then played with each other as if no time had passed between them. From that day, the plan was for the brothers to live out their days together, never to be separated again! The video below shows the amazing reunion as well as some other hysterical tendencies of gorillas. Enjoy!

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