Inspiring Dad Takes Selfie With Young Son To Show Him That Being Different Can Be Super


Via Instagram

The act of eating food is something many of us enjoy immensely and is also something that is very easily taken for granted. Did you know that roughly half a million people in the USA do not have the option to enjoy food as much as we do? Children, like the boy featured in our story, make up about 20% of that number. 


 There are over 300 conditions that can require a person to need a feeding tube. Each individual case is different and some people still are able to eat some foods and it is only used for extra nutritional support, while others require one for all of their nutritional needs. 


For kids and parents alike, having a feeding tube can be challenging and even scary at times. Many kids are embarrassed and don't want people to know about it. Inspiring dad, Robert Selby wanted to make sure that his son Chace Elijah, did not feel that way. How did he do that? He showed him that it's okay to be a little different by taking a selfie with him that has everyone cheering them on. 

Wow! What a truly wonderful and inspiring father! I love that he doesn't want his son to be like him, but be better than him.

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