It's The Hair Trend That Turns A Messy Hair Day Into A Masterpiece


Summer is ALMOST here!! And you know what that means..... it's time for MESSY hair. YAY!!

In an effort to make sure I've got the "right stuff" I mean, the right half bun skills. I decided to do some research and make sure I know what I'm doing

I know your asking, "How do I get the perfect half bun?"


Well, I was too and this is what I found...

According to Pure Wow this is how to get the perfect half bun...

1. Create some beachy waves. This isn’t a time for stick-straight strands. Air dry your locks and use a sea-salt spray (or dry shampoo) and curling wand to add some effortless kinks.

2. Keep the bun low. We love a topknot as much as the next girl. But this particular bun should rest back on the crown of your head. Right where you separate the two sections of hair--that’s where it should go.

3. Make one that works for you. Everyone’s personal texture (and preferred style of bun) is unique. Pull your hair through a rubber band two and a half times, or circle your hair first and then wrap the rubber band around that. However you normally rock a messy situation...

4. Finish with a light-hold spray. Again, these are not the overly perfect tendrils of a homecoming dance.

You want to keep the strands in check while also keeping the “I woke up like dis” vibe.

Check out these tutorial's below:

I like this one too...

Let us know if these tips and tricks help. They sure helped me!!

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