Little Girl Has Been Best Friends With Bulldog Since Birth. They Might Need Their Own Disney Movie Soon [VIDEO]


I might be biased, but I think everyone needs a dog in their life. I had the best dog in the world when I was growing up. We named him Sydney and made everyone use an Australian accent when they called him. Sydney was always there for me no matter how I was feeling. If I was happy he would want tp play, and if I was sad he was happy just to sit with me. The little girl and bulldog in this story have a very similar bond and it will melt your heart!


When little Erin was born she not only welcomed into the world by her mom and dad but also by her doggie brother, Harvey. Harvey, an English bulldog, instantly fell in love with his new little sister. He would sniff her and lay next to her to keep her safe. It was an instant bond that would become unbreakable in the coming years.


Harvey was soon teaching Erin everything he knew. He taught her how to cuddle and how to take naps, literally anywhere. The two friends loved going to the park together and playing on the playground. The two even played games around the house, but there was one thing the two besties loved doing more than anything else. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY... [VIDEO]



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