Loyal Family Beagle Meets Baby Sister, Immediately Melts Parents Hearts With His Brotherly Instincts


It goes without saying that dogs are man's best friend. Just ask two parents who are the proud owners of a dog named Charlie. Charlie had always kept his human companions entertained and he was loyal and compassionate to a fault. When his parents brought home Laura, their new daughter, however, Charlie's compassion level went to new heights.


From the moment Charlie laid eyes on Laura, he knew that his life had changed forever. He was no longer the "baby" of the house but that did not bother him one bit. He had a new purpose in life. He wanted to be the best older brother anyone could ask for and he succeeded with flying colors. Charlie woke up with Laura every morning, ready to take on the day with his new best friend.


Whether it was sitting with Laura at the table or playing with her in a ball pit, Charlie was the epitome of love when he was around his baby sister. He knew exactly how to make her smile and laugh and he also knew how to cuddle her just right so she could sleep peacefully without a care in the world. Charlie may have learned a lot of tricks in his life but one thing he never had to learn was how to love Laura with all his heart. Watch the video below to see just how much fun Charlie and Laura have together every single day.

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Loyal Family Beagle Meets Baby Sister, Immediately Melts Parents Hearts With His Brotherly Instincts
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