Farmer’s Cow Is About To Give Birth. Little Did He Know That Through This Process, She Would Teach Him A Lesson He Won’t Soon Forget


Meet Maggie, a 14-hundred pound Swiss dairy cow who has a heart the size of Texas. Her owner, John Chester, tends to favor her quite well because of her sweet nature and compassionate spirit. Chester describes her as a "gentle little teddy bear bound up in a 14-hundred pound body."

Her favorite hobby of all is to spend her days in the warm sunshine munching on the lush green grass. For her, there's just not much that can top a good 'ole day like that. Well, there is one thing: her best friend, Hank.


Hank is a small Scottish Highland bull. He was somewhat of a loner and didn't have many friends on the farm. Within moments of meeting Maggie, he knew he had found a forever friend in her. She became a mother-figure, of sorts, for him and he looked at her with great admiration. She admired him just the same.

Little did they know that their relationship would soon have to change, and it was a change that neither would like very much. Maggie was heavily pregnant with a calf of her own. Once the baby was born, she would have to be separated from Hank because bulls typically don't fare well with little calves.


The separation was something that Maggie, Hank, and Chester all dreaded. How would the two react to their separation? Chester was extremely concerned about the stress and anxiety that Maggie might have after the separation. That's something you surely don't want when a cow is that close to giving birth.


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