Mailman and Cat Have A Battle Daily And It's Absolutely Hysterical


It is pretty common to hear about mailmen having to be on guard for angry dogs that could attack. This particular mailman has a completely different animal to look out for, and their daily encounter is unbelievably hilarious.

This postal worker is going about his day as usual. He stops at each and every house, dropping deliveries in mailboxes and mail slots at the houses on his route. When he arrives to house 210, he has learned to be much more strategic about his delivery methods.


Like clockwork, the family cat sits and waits for his arrival. She sits perched on the windowsill, anxiously awaiting the daily mail. She's not happy about receiving letters, though. Instead, she finds it incredibly annoying and does her best to prevent the delivery. 

As he approaches the door, she slinks down from her perch and gets into position. Behind the mail slot, she patiently waits. As soon as the mailman sticks the mail through the slot, she makes her move.


This scenario has happened so much that the mailman decided to video the encounter as proof. I'm not going to lie, it's pretty hilarious. Check out the video on the following page. It's TOO good!


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