Mama Always Said Not To Swallow Watermelon Seeds- This Woman Did And Within Two Minutes Something Unbelievable Happens


My favorite summer treat has always been watermelon; Cold, crispy, refreshing watermelon. I’m entirely convinced that watermelon is the best summer snack ever. My mama always cautioned me that if I eat the seeds of the watermelon, I would end up with a real watermelon growing inside of me.

My mama’s voice still rings in the back of my head when I eat one: “Don’t eat the seeds! You don’t want a watermelon growing in your belly!” Turns out my mom wasn’t fibbing after all! When 27-year-old Carly cut up a watermelon one summer day, something amazing and astonishing happened in the next 2 minutes.


Carly cut up a watermelon and began eating it, only to find out that something interesting started to happen. She began to feel a little like something might actually be growing inside of her. She looked down at her belly and remembered the old wive's tale about watermelon seeds (She had been cautioned by her mama as well). Carly brushed off the thought... at first.

Soon, she realized that something was, in fact, growing in her and she needed to do something about it. Carly jumped in her car for some fresh air but began feeling the watermelon’s effects even more vigorously.


During the car ride, something crazy started happening that was entirely visible to the naked eye: Carly’s stomach grew! And it’s not just a tiny bump anymore- it was HUGE. Without being able to go drive much farther, Carly pulls over and to get out of her car.

She walked around feeling the fresh air, but then she spotted something; A sign in the distance that read something that she couldn't quite make out. As she walked closer, she couldn't believe her eyes! 

The sign simply read “Press In Case Of Watermelon Seed Ingestion.” What are the odds that this sign would show up right in front of Carly?! Without any hesitation, Carly pressed the button under the sign…


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