Man Adopts An ‘Unwanted’ Shelter Cat. Their Bedtime Routine Is A Total Heart-Melter


In our minds, we'd love to think that every little critter has a warm, compassionate, and loving home. Unfortunately, that's not the case at all. Many animals are left alone, longing for the moment when their forever family will come find them.

Shelters across the world are filled to the brim with cats and dogs who want nothing more than to have an owner come along and choose them. They have so much to offer and can bring so many smiles if only given the chance.


Monty Boy knows that feeling all too well. He spent quite some time in a shelter, patiently waiting for his special someone to come along and take him home.

While we don't quite know how cute little Monty Boy ended up there, he knew he didn't want to stay there long. Day by day he patiently waited, hoping that any moment he would have the opportunity to meet his forever family.


At just the right time, a man came into the shelter. As if by fate, he saw Monty Boy and instantly knew he was the one. He took him home that very day and since then, the two have been completely inseparable.

It didn't take long at all for Monty Boy and his human to become the best of friends. Check out the following page to see their insanely precious bedtime routine.


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