Man Created Massive Animal Sanctuary For Endangered Lions. No One Could Have Predicted The Amazing Events That Followed [VIDEO]


When Kevin Richardson opened his animal sanctuary in South Africa, his mission was simple, provide a "self-sustaining African carnivore sanctuary" for the purpose of educating people on the decrease of the lion population. The mission was straightforward and direct, but no one was prepared for the relationship Kevin would build with his large and dangerous new friends. 


Kevin has earned the name "The Lion Whisperer" because of his unique ability to communicate with the lions in his sanctuary. Kevin has been able to take his lions on walks and even have a good wrestling match with them. 


Unlike a zoo, the sanctuary Kevin has built is an open plain sanctuary. This means the lions are dwelling in an area that is as close to their natural habitat as possible. So, it has been quite the shock when visitors have come to see the sanctuary and a lion proceeds to tackle Kevin out of nowhere. 


However, Kevin assures the patrons that the lions have never "attacked" him and they are simply just playing with him and showing affection. 



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