Severely Neglected Dog With Matted Fur Found By Rescuers, Hours Later Her Transformation Left Them Speechless


Dogs have always had a special place in my heart. Big or small, all dogs deserve all the love affection we can give them, as do countless other animals that are in shelters all over the world. For Eldad and his team at Hope For Paws, their mission is to make sure every animal is given their best shot at life.

Over the years, Hope For Paws has been responsible for hundreds of animal rescues and, what is more, they have been able to place most of their rescued animals in forever homes. For a certain poodle, they found one afternoon, the need for a forever home was great but the need for love and care was greater.


Eldad and his team received a call about a homeless poodle one afternoon. They immediately got into the car and headed to the location of the dog. Once they got there, it did not take long for Eldad to find the poor pup. The poodle was covered head to tow in matted fur and needed lots of help. The dog was lying on the ground in a secluded area so Eldad and his team approached very carefully, so as not to frighten the dog.

Eldad opened the gate and, immediately, the dog was on its feet, staring down the apparent intruders. It was obvious that the dog trusted no one and had no interest in being touched but that did not stop Eldad. Eldad slowly moved forward and talked to the dog in soothing tones to calm her down. The dog tried hiding from the rescuers and kept barking in fright.


Eldad brought a "gentle snare" with him so he could subdue the pup without hurting her. Slowly, Eldad reached the snare out to put around the dog. The dog barked in alarm and bit at the snare for a moment. Eldad simply waited and after a few moments, to Eldad's surprise, the dog willingly slipped her head through the snare and allowed Eldad to touch her.

Eldad's friend was flabbergasted by the amount of matted fur all over the dog but the team was determined to give the pup a full make over. The team affectionally named the dog Dolly and transported her to a shelter where they set to work on cutting away the years of neglect. Within hours, Dolly looked like a completely different dog. Dolly's once skittish and frightened demeanor gave way to a happy and playful personality.


It did not take long for Eldad and his team to find Dolly a forever home, complete with a doggie sibling for her to play with. Eldad stopped by regularly to see Dolly and the little poodle never forgot the man who changed her life forever. Watch the video below to see the entire rescue and the amazing transformation of Dolly!

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