Mare Gives Birth to Filly. When Owners See Her Face, They Realize Just How Rare She Truly Is

December 06, 2017

Occasionally, there will be an animal birth that is unlike any other. Rarities can happen at the most unexpected times! Horses are a wonderful example of animals where situations like this occur more often than not.

Horses can be born in a wide range of colors and patterns. Every time a mare is expecting, her owners patiently wait in great anticipation to see what the new foal will look like.

The most common patterns on horses are a star and a stripe. Some patterns, though, are considered to be extremely rare. One of these rare patterns is called the medicine hat.

Native Americans thought that horses born with these rare markings possessed magical powers that prevented harm from coming on the rider during a battle.

This filly, named Coconut, was recently born with the gorgeous medicine hat markings. Does she know that she will be a prized possession, all her life, and many will marvel at her beautiful and rare appearance?

Watch the video, below, to see two-day-old Coconut learning the ropes of life from her sweet mama, Poka. It's almost as if the horses in the background can sense just how special this new addition truly is.

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