Miley Was Found Living In A Trash Dump. When Rescuers Finally Caught Sight Of Her, They Realized How Close To Death She Was


When Hope For Paws first heard about a Husky living in a trash dump for months, they knew she was in need of help. What they didn’t realize was just how much help she needed. When they arrived on scene and got their first look at this gentle dog, they were shocked to see how bad off she was. 

Miley was starving, she had parasites and bacterial infections, even a horrible case of mange. She was almost unidentifiable as a husky with all the dirt and missing fur. When they first approached her, they bribed her with hamburgers to get her attention. The poor girl was so weak that she didn’t run or try to fight the rescuer. She had essentially shut down.  

As they drove to the vet, Miley curled up on the passenger seat of the rescuer’s car and just lay her head on the center console. When they got Miley to the animal hospital, the veterinarian was shocked to see just how horrible off she was.

After many medicated baths she had to receive treatment for all her wounds. On the third day after her rescue, Miley gave her first kiss to her savior. A few weeks later, she met Frankie the chihuahua. Frankie was another dog found in a trash pile (although his was in a drain pipe), and the two of them bonded quickly. They helped each overcome their horrible backgrounds. 


Over 500 people turned in applications to adopt Miley when word got out about her. The lucky woman who was chosen to become Miley’s mother is Toni Bua. For both Toni and Miley, it was love at first sight. Toni and her late husband had adopted 4 huskies over their 40 years of marriage! Toni was so excited to welcome her sweet girl home that she threw her a welcome home party. 

Miley got to walk the red carpet up to her new home, where she was greeted joyfully by her new owner. Once inside, she found a comfortable bed and new toys as well as the staff of the rescue and a dozen of her new momma’s friends!

Miley has come a long way from the horrible condition she was in when she was found, from in horrible pain and completely pain to a sweet playful dog in great health. Here’s hoping for many amazingly happy years together for Toni and Miley.

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