A Senior Dog Named Mo Miraculously Survived 9 Months In The Idaho Wilderness


It was just a normal hunting trip for Darwin and Cindy Cameron. That is until Darwin left the campsite. Later, when the door was opened for Mo, their senior retriever, she thought she needed to retrieve Darwin. 

Once a hunting dog she took off into the mountains, trying to hunt down her owner. Mo was 14 years old though and not as keen as she once was. She lost her way and the couple searched for her for weeks, but they were unable to find their missing pooch. 


It was September when she went missing and winter would soon set in. Mo was lost somewhere in the rugged terrain of the Idaho mountains. There were several sightings of what may have been her, but no one was able to catch her. Winters in the mountains of Idaho are already harsh, but that year it was brutal. There was a record amount of snowfall and freezing temperatures that Mo would have to face. Not to mention, hungry predators.  

"In January when the snow got really deep the sightings dried up," said Darwin. "We couldn't get into the last area where she had been seen. She had been seen by a trapper up there who was trying to trap wolves so we knew she was in a pretty dangerous area."


 Then, one day late in June, a farmer found a dog on his property. The dog was in bad shape. Thin from little to no food and covered in ticks. He took the poor thing to Cheri Glankler, who had been rescuing dogs for several years. 

When the Cameron's went to see if that dog was Mo, they were skeptical at first. Their skepticism changed to pure JOY when Mo seemed to recognize them! There were lots of tears of happiness when they knew that this was, in fact, their beloved dog. 


Mo defied all odds of survival. She was a bit beaten up, she had a few bite and scratch marks on her, but SHE survived! Mo is a great example of not giving up even when things seem like they could not possibly get any worse! 

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