Mom Has Son And Daughter Participate In Twin Sibling's Gender Reveal. Their Reaction To The Results Is Better Than We Could Have Ever Imagined



When a mother is pregnant, it's always a highly anticipated moment when she finally discovers the gender of her baby. It's DOUBLY as exciting when she's expecting twins! Will it be two boys, two girls, or one of each? No matter what the outcome, every family is eagerly waiting for the arrival of the newest family member/members.

YouTuber and blogger mom, Abby Smith from Twist Me Pretty, knows this scenario all too well. Within five years, she and her husband welcomed four babies into their home. Talk about a big shift in a short amount of time!



Her son Boston and daughter Savvy are the two oldest of the bunch. They keep her busy all the time with their adorable and energetic personalities. When she found out she was pregnant with twins, she and her husband were over the moon!

They were thrilled to welcome two new babies into their home and they knew that Boston and Savvy would be the best big siblings ever. The kiddos were equally as excited as mom and dad for new buddies to play with!



Gender reveals have grown drastically in popularity as of late, so it was only fitting that the Smith family do the same for their expectant bundles of joy. Abby decided to get Boston and Savvy in on the fun and devised a clever way for them to learn the gender of the twins.Check out their adorable reactions on the following page. Their reaction to the news was better than Abby could have ever anticipated! Check out their adorable reactions on the following page. 


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