NestCam Captures Live Video Of 10-Day-Old Purple Martins in Erie, PA. Watch Now!

Purple Martins are the largest North American swallow, with their average length from bill to tail being 20 cm (7.9 in.). They are most often seen throughout the temperate regions of North America in addition to some areas on the west coast from British Columbia to Mexico. Purple martins have incredible flight abilities and when seen approaching their homes, they often dive down from the sky at incredible speeds!

During the 20th century, the population of these stunning birds dropped drastically due to the release of European Starlings. This species competed for housing with the purple martins, causing the purple martins to almost become extinct. Because of this extreme habitat loss, these birds only nest in human-provided housing east of the Rocky Mountains.

Check out this incredible footage to see a nest of six little newborn purple martins. Keep a close eye for mama and papa bird swooping in to bring the little babies some food! You can also check out other live feeds by clicking "NEXT PAGE" below.

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